Data recovery – Restore inaccessible files

To restore lost data and accidentally deleted or corrupted data is easier than ever with the data recovery process. According to enterprise solutions, data recovery makes the restoration to the laptop, the external hard disk from the backup.

What causes data loss?

Mostly data loss occurs due to human error according to statistics. Most common causes of data loss include

  • Malicious attack
  • Power outage
  • Natural disasters
  • Malfunction of hardware
  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Software crashes
  • Hardware physical damage
  • Accidental expose to water or coffee
  • Data recovery process

Depending upon the cause of data loss, data recovery process differs. Data recovery software uses back up media to recover lost files. Most of the laptop and desktop computers have a backup software platform to restore files themselves. But the restoration of tape backup is complicated which may need data recovery professional service. This service can also recover data that are not backed up instead stays in hard disk fragments.

Data Recovery

Data recovery of files that are not backed up is possible because the files address and information are stored in the different location of hard drive. As windows use file allocation table to track each file location, each of them is like an actual reference to file location in the hard disk. When data loss occurs, it is actually the table that is lost. Actual file will be in the hard drive that has to be recovered with recovery software.

If the file still exists without any damage or encryption, it can be recovered easily. When the file is missing, encrypted or damaged, there are some other ways to recover it. Many data recovery services combine technologies and are not recovered by ape alone. Recovering data with tape takes more time and it has to be done immediately after a data loss. Although it is not tough to recover data with tape, it also includes some risks.

Data recovery plan of an organization should identify the responsible person for data recovery and provide a strategy for recovery procedure, recovery point, and time objectives. It should also have predefined steps in recovering data. Following are the basic steps followed in all data recovery process

  • Choose the module to recover
  • Then identify its partition in the hard disk
  • Scan data and files in the disk
  • Select the file after searching to recover
  • Choose a target location to store back up file
  • Save the recovered file

Data recovery is an essential concept to carry out these encrypted files and data without any damage. It is not avoidable when data loss occurs but we can recover it with technology advancement.