Things You Should Know about Computer Forensics

Computer forensics has in the recent years been quite important in investigation and analysis. Computer forensics has been defined by various scholars but the basis of the definition still remains as computer forensics being the application of investigation and analysis techniques to gather and reserve evidence of a particular interest from a computing device in such a way that is quite suitable to table before a court of law. It’s a branch of digital forensics and apart from gathering and reserving the information it can facts and opinions also be used to recover, analyze and also present a about the digital information sought.

After evaluating who to speak to, we decided to reach out to a data recovery company in Orlando that also provides digital forensic services. We also spoke to a detective at a local police department about the trends they see. Here are some facts about computer forensics that you should know:


  1. Intel Is Core

Information is quite important when you are carrying out computer forensics. As you may be carrying out an investigation through computer forensics investigation you need to acquire quite a lot of information. The more the information you have the better it is for you. You need to know about the nature of your clients files. Which type of tools they were using while storing information? This will help you access the files quite easily and also if they are hidden it will help you find them through the tools. Another thing you ought to know is if the files are encrypted. If the files are encrypted you need to know on what basis are they encrypted. If they are encrypted you need to know in what way they are encrypted also. Another thing about encryption how often is they do the encryption. The other issue may be also if the client uses email server or site. As the servers may be prone to hacks you need to know if there have been any leaks to it or even deletes made. This will help you build a basis of evidence.


On your side you should also have quite a number of tools that you know about. Your tools need to be defined on their strengths and weakness on software application. There are tools that excel in processing and handling email, while others in recovering deleted from the storage devices.


  1. The Reason Why Computer Forensics Is On the Rise

As the number of computer users is constantly on the rise there has also been quite an urge to use computer forensics to carry out investigation as this gives first hand evidence if the information has not been distorted. If the information has been distorted there are quite a number of ways also to recover this information and use it as evidence in a court of law or also as evidence to a particular investigation. The number of cybercrimes has been on an alarming rise recently and has led to quite a huge number of losses. Globally it’s estimated that cybercrime has led to losses amounting to $375 million annually. This number is only a rough estimate and in order to table down the evidence in a court of law or to bring justice to it its quite important to use computer forensics.


The other reason of use of computer forensics is because the law requires it as a way of evidence as it’s the clearest tool to be used by both private and business sectors for a wide range of applications on forensics investigation. These may be cases of intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, fraud investigations and investigation on forgeries.


Computer forensics has also been rated recently to be a lucrative business. The business has become a boom as the need of computer forensics has been on an alarming rise. The cost of search for e discoveries has can cost you hundreds of dollars. Judges and juries need to see tangible evidence in order to make legal decisions on legal disputes. For this reason computer forensics experts have been hired to use sophisticated techniques to retrieve and present the evidence. The information retrieved is quite important for use by lawyers, consultants as well as the judges who use it for decision making. There other reason for the rating is that the academic study of it is that is quite needy and is not as easy to understand and contemplate. For this reason this profession is quite scarce and hence as the demand is high on the limited number hence the cost of it is high.